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We will shop your commercial auto insurance with multiple Wisconsin insurance companies, to get the lowest possible rate, for the coverage you need.  There is often a 20% or more difference between commercial auto insurance companies, therefore is It’s important you review several different companies.

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We shop multiple companies for you, saving you both time and money.  Insuring business autos, contractor’s vehicles, vans, and trucks.  Also, box trucks, tow trucks owners, dump trucks, sand and gravel trucks, garbage and rubbish businesses in Wisconsin benefit from our insurance services.  It’s important to know some basics when looking for the right plan for your business.

Commerical auto insurance company Wisconsin

Common limits of coverage are $300,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000.  The limits are called combined single limits.  This means bodily injury and property damage coverages are bundled together, not limiting you on either one. There are also split limit coverages.

An example of split limit coverage would be 100/300/100.  The first figure, $100,000 is the bodily injury per person. The second figure is $300,000.  This is the total bodily injury amount per accident total.  The third figure, $100,000 is property damage coverage.  Medical coverage is optional in Wisconsin, but we recommend $5,000 as a minimum.

Commerical autosTrailers are handled a little differently on commercial auto insurance than personal.  Business trailers must be added for commercial liability coverage.  The is unlike the personal policy where the coverage for the trailer is extended from the automobile pulling it.  Then you can add physical damage coverage / comprehensive and collision coverage if desired depending on the value.  Let us help you, we will explain in enough detail for you to make quality informed decision.  For a more detailed written definition of a vehicle, just click here:  Vehicle Insurance

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Writing business auto insurance from Madison to Janesville and Eau Claire Wisconsin and Milwaukee to Hudson.  We have the commercial auto insurance that fits your business and your budget.  Save on your Wisconsin company auto insurance, request your quote and start saving today.  Read our Bio, then request your quote.  Give us a try, complete our simple form or give us a call now.  Dial 952-469-0425   Let’s do business!