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Excavation insurance can be made easy.  Let Wisconsin Contractors Insurance.com answer your questions and help guide you into making a quality inform decision.  We shop multiple top-rated Wisconsin insurance companies, then compare, saving you both time and money.  You shape the earth and move mountains, dig foundations, land clearing, dirt-moving, and other serious contracting projects.  We offer low-cost and affordable Wisconsin contractors insurance.  We hate the words cheap insurance coverage, low-cost just sounds better and from us, only the best for less!

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Excavation insurance’s primary component is general liability insurance.  But could reference a number of other coverage such as workers compensation, commercial auto, tools and equipment, and or bonds.

Local excavation insurance companyGeneral liability insurance provides protection against property damage and bodily injury.  A typical example of how the limits of coverage are express would be $1,000,000/$2,000,000.  The 1 million is the occurrence limit or per claim limit.  The 2 million is the total payable in one policy period or insurance policy term.  It also covers your premises, products, operations, and completed operations.  For a more detailed definition, just click here: General Liability Insurance

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Many WI excavation contractors say that they wish they would have found our insurance services years ago. Excavation and grading contractor’s insurance in Wisconsin.  Heavy equipment coverage and general liability insurance.  Speaking of equipment coverage.  We insure backhoes, front, face, or loading shovels, forward loaders, dragline excavators, and more, much more.  Helping Wisconsin excavation contractors find peace of mind knowing we found them the best coverage, at the lowest possible rate.

Best excavation insurance in WisconsinDo you have any questions? Just starting your Wisconsin contracting company?  Maybe you’re a seasoned vet?  Big or small, we insure them all!  Read our Bio, then request your WI excavation insurance quote.  Complete our quick quote form to the right or give us a call anytime.  Just dial 952-469-0425   Either way, we look forward to working with you.  Let’s do business!