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Siding installer insurance is general liability insurance, also commonly referred to as commercial general liability insurance.  As a Wisconsin siding installer, you need this as you first line of defense against lawsuits.  General liability insurance helps protect you against bodily injury and property damage claims. It’s also designed to protect your premises, products, operations and completed operations.  You will see limits like $300,000/$600,000, $500,000/$1,000,000 & $1,000,000/$2,000,000, as these are most common.  The first number is simply the most an insurance company will pay for any one claim.  It’s called an occurrence limit.  The second figure is the most an insurance company will pay for in one policy year.  This limit is referred to as the aggregate limit.  Wisconsin siding installer insurance or general liability insurance can also come with a deductible on the property damage coverage section.  Common deductible hare are $500, $1,000 & $2,500 and should be taken into consideration prior to buying your siding installation insurance.   For a more detailed definition and explanation, just click here: General Liability Insurance

Many times, you will need proof of insurance for WI siding business.  This proof is referred to as a certificate of insurance.  The certificate has your name and address, your insurance company and coverage limits and dates listed.  Also listed is the certificate holder, the personal or company looking for proof.  Their name and US mailing address goes in the bottom left corner of the certificate.  We would need this information, plus a way to get it there such as an email address or fax number.  Email normally works best then we can copy your when sending the certificate of insurance out.  Many times, a general contractor will ask for special coverage(s) to be added to your siding installer insurance, such as additional insured, transfer of right or waiver of subrogation.  We also see requests for primary non-contributory wording and completed operations coverage.  Don’t worry about all these technical terms, just send us a copy of the requirements to review.  We will help you getting the proper protection, getting the job and getting paid.

We rate multiple insurance company to find you the best coverage and quote.  We are different than your normal car insurance agent, as we specialize in Wisconsin contractor’s insurance and siding installer insurance.  Read our Bio, then request your quote.  Complete our short siding installers insurance information form and we will be in touch soon.  Or, simply give us a call at 952-469-0425.  Let’s do business!