Wisconsin Snow Plowing Insurance

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The need for Wisconsin snow plowing insurance is often seasonal and may be needed as part of your landscaping or lawn care business. Snowplowing insurance is general liability insurance and it protects your Wisconsin business from bodily injury and property damage claims.  It provides protection for your premises, products, operations, and completed operations.  A lawsuit or other liability claim can crush your business.  The limits of insurance are often expressed like this, $1,000,000/$$2,000,000.  Many contractors really don’t know what that means.  The first number means the most an insurance company will pay for one claim.  This is called the occurrence limit, a single occurrence.  The second number is simply the maximum a company will pay in one policy year or term.  For a more detailed definition, just click here: General Liability Insurance

Before you start work plowing, many companies you work for will want proof of insurance.  This proof is called a certificate of insurance.  This certificate has your name and address, the company writing the insurance, the limits of coverage, and dates.  I also will list the or company asking for the certificate in the bottom left corner.  We will need the person’s or companies name and US mailing address.  Then we need a fax number or email address to send it to them.  Email works best so we can copy you.  That way you have a copy too and know it’s been done.

Owners of ice and snow removal companies count on us to provide correct protection for their business, not to mention the best insurance rate. WI plow companies should have general liability and commercial auto insurance as because a property damage is covered by both policies. We have the answers and the Wisconsin’s lowest snow removal and plowing rates, request a quote now. Read our Bio, then request your quote.  Complete our easy quick quote form to the right or give us a call at 952-469-0425.  Either way we will help you find the best protection at the lowest rate.  Let’s do business!