Wisconsin Workers Compensation Insurance

Most states require businesses to have Workers’ compensation insurance (workers’ comp insurance) if they have employees.  General contractors can ask for a workers comp. certificate.  Proof of insurance even if you don’t have employees.  Workers comp covers medical bills, a portion of lost wages, and recovery costs for an employee(s) who becomes injured or ill on the job.  If the employee were to die, workers comp can cover the funeral costs and benefits to the worker’s family.  Workers’ comp insurance protects businesses from being sued by employees for workplace conditions that can cause an injury or illness.  Businesses are tired of being sued by employees and employees are very tired of being injured.   Work comp draws a line and says here are your benefits and no more suing.

Request for a Free QuoteWe write workman’s comp insurance in Wisconsin.  Our workers’ compensation insurance experts will need your payroll information, loss runs, and EIN for quoting.  A copy of your policy is always nice too.  It helps us identify your classifications or misclassifications.  This type of insurance is rated using your payroll and what the employees do.  An office person or clerical person is lower in cost than a carpenter or roofer.  The office workers are not going to fall off a roof.  There can also be credits or discounts for not having or very few claims over the years.  This is called an experience mod. (modification factor).  A contractor, business, or individual can also buy a policy if they don’t have employees.  This is called a ghost or waiver policy.  This policy is written with zero payroll.

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